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Gaming Room Requirements

an example gaming roomI am a massive science fiction geek, of that there is no doubt. I grew up with Star Wars as the film I’d force my dad to watch with me every weekend, and soon added to this with Judge Dredd, random science fiction titles and stacks of books from Arther C Clarke, Isaac Asimov and Iain M Banks. Games Workshop also soon came into view and to be honest dominated almost everything else.

I also have an unhealthy love for all things fantasy, from the work of Tolkien and George RR Martin to David and Leigh Eddings, I would regularly squirrel myself away to visit another world or universe.

All of this has combined to make a room dedicated to these hobbies a need in my dream home, though it is my fixation on the Games Workshop side of things – in particular their miniature wargame Warhammer 40,000 – that will be the focus and drive most of the requirements for this space.

Essentially, the game involves collecting, constructing and painting armies of 28mm figures and then playing games using a core set of rules against other players over detailed tables of scenery. these tables are usually 6ft by 4ft, though can be combined into any number of sizes depending on how many miniatures you want to use. When you consider this is the table top space required, plus the storage and display of all of the miniatures, plus the scenery, plus space to paint them, plus the piles of related books; you can quickly see how a dedicated space would be perfect (and after all, this is my dream house so why no aim for perfection?).

So, here are the basic requirements for this space:

  • Set next to the open games area in the basement to allow for those taking a break to do other games/fun things
  • the divide between these spaces to be removable for larger gatherings, but in place for those times when I don’t want the main party spilling into the gaming area
  • a sizable workstation for the construction and painting of miniatures
  • natural light over this paint station
  • a fan-ventilated area for spray paint use
  • multiple large glass display cabinets, preferably built into the wall spaces
  • lots of fadeable lighting
  • space for at least two, preferably three 6ft by 4ft gaming tables
  • gaming tables which can be moved around the room
  • space around each gaming table when all are out
  • built in display space for scenery and terrain
  • clips at various points to enable cameras to be attached to record games
  • music streaming and speakers
  • bookshelf space sufficient for all my fantasy/sci-fi collection
  • space on the walls for artwork to be displayed
  • access to the internet through wi-fi
  • access to the room without needing to go through the front door of the house (sometimes games finish late and I don’t want people being woken up)
  • interactive whiteboard function on a wall, using video captured by in-room cameras to enable in-play strategy discussions
  • easy access to basement toilets

I’m sure other things will come to me over time, so this list may very well expand. This room will for me be one of the hidden gems of the house and an absolute luxury, and I will probably be one of the few occupants who use it (with visitors sometimes), but it’s also one of the things which would mark this out as my dream home rather than a home which I can live in.

<Quick update time> – I came across this online; a fantastic example of a gaming room which meets many of the requirements I have here!


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